Saint Ignace






Keweenaw Bay:   The ice north of the lighthouse on the west side has broken up along the shoreline.  Damage to ice in the bay could be extensive and heavy snowfall will cover dangerous areas.   

Little Bay De Noc: 
Was still mostly ice covered.  A few anglers were out but it is not recommended because of unsafe ice conditions.  There is open water south of Aronson Island.  The Ford River had not opened up yet but the Day’s River was open and the Escanaba River is open and shore anglers were able to fish the piers at the North Shore Launch. 

Big Bay De Noc: 
Was still ice covered however the ice conditions were not safe. 

The bubblers were locked in tight with ice and snow.  Before the storm, anglers were getting 1-3 coho per trip.  Those targeting the steelhead in the Carp and Chocolay Rivers have caught the occasional brown trout. 

Still has ice fishing and anglers were still catching smelt up to 10 inches long.  A few splake were caught on Swedish Pimples tipped with minnows or on tip-ups.  Catch rates for coho were not good however those putting in a lot of time did manage a few limit catches.    

Grand Marais: 
Is covered in deep snow.  Anglers were still trying to hit the small bays for whitefish and some have actually done well both here and in Whitefish Bay.  

Two Hearted River: 
The additional snowfall will prolong any fishing activity for steelhead.  

Anglers are waiting patiently for winter to lose its grip on Detour Village and the Eastern Upper Peninsula.  Currently, snow and ice remain at both boat launches in Detour Village and no docks were in at either launch.    

Cedarville and Hessel: 
Cedarville Bay was open and free of most ice as strong northeast winds helped push more ice out of the bay which allowed anglers to explore more open water throughout the Les Cheneaux Islands.  At Hessel, ice conditions have deteriorated as there is now a lot of slush and blue ice.